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We make complex problems simple through our behind the scenes Tech. Worry less, and sell more!
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OFFER1 is the only way to insure you see every home
offer and sell at the highest possible market price.

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Mazimize the Sales Price

For the Home Seller we provide a dashboard of all current offers on the table with quick access to rankings.


Save Hunderds of Hours

For the home seller we provide a quick overview of all offers on the table with the ability to reject / approve.


Make Happier Clients

Agents are able to create their own dashboards with all buyers and sellers in their current sales pipeline.

What Early Adopters Have To Say


"It's a 10x improvement on current methods, with a clean simple interface that unpacks the terms of the offers. It's particularly helpful for higher volume agents."
- Brett Jennings
The Real Experts / Side Inc.
San Jose, CA


"An incredible tool, that empowers Sellers and Buyers and adds much needed integrity to the real estate transaction. It guarantees my sellers the best price and provides my buyers transparency without overpaying out of frustration"
- Steve Brant
Compass Real Estate
San Diego, CA


"The industry needs something like this urgently. It minimizes unnecessary back and forth paperwork and moves the transaction along with real time updates for both parties. "
- Jessy Ulloa
One Sotheby's
Miami, FL

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