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We make the complex, opaque, current real estate offer process, simple, transparent and honest with our behind the scenes Tech. Worry less, transact more. Freedom through real estate™!
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OFFER1 is the only way to insure you see every home
offer and sell at the highest possible market price.

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Maximize the Sales Price

Using today's methods home sellers are leaving over $6 billion on the table when they sell. Imagine the vacations, kids educations, and general standard of living that is lost. With OFFER1's technology, marketing strategy and your Agent's boots on the ground we have the winning formula for Homeseller's to receive all the value of their hard earned equity.


Save Hundreds of Hours

Using current tools, agents, buyers and sellers lose over 36 million hours each year. By giving back lost time to these transaction stakeholders OFFER1 will transform level of customer satisfaction, outcomes and quality of life by over 10x. Always wanted to learn Spanish? Now you can because your time won't be lost on critical but mundane tasks that better handled through software.


Make Clients Raving Fans

Currently Home Seller and Buyer satisfaction is at an all time low. Agents you can change this by introducing transparency, efficiency and superior outcomes that are part of the OFFER1 platform. Nothing makes a client happier, when they can guess less and celebrate more!

What Early Adopters Have To Say


"It's a 10x improvement on current methods, with a clean simple interface that unpacks the terms of the offers. It's particularly helpful for higher volume agents."
- Brett Jennings
The Real Experts / Side Inc.
San Jose, CA


"Wow! We received 34 offers in 3 days and OFFER1 expertly managed them, resulting in a sales price 35% above expectations! It made the real estate negotiation process run like a Rolex watch. We are grateful to our agent for utilizing this revolutionary technology on our sale. OFFER1 allowed us to easily select the best offer and close in 7 days. It is a truly marvelous tech tool and we highly recommend other sellers use it."
- Robin & Brett
San Diego, CA


"The industry needs something like this urgently. It minimizes unnecessary back and forth paperwork and moves the transaction along with real time updates for both parties. "
- Jessy Ulloa
One Sotheby's
Miami, FL

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